Specialty Bars


Hot Rolled Threaded Bars for Ground Engineering and Concrete Structure Applications

Protek Hot Rolled Bar

The SRG Global PROTEK™ Bar System is a fully threaded hot rolled stress bar solution suitable for Ground Engineering and Concrete Structure Applications. The bars are available in 550MPa, 1035MPa and 1080MPa Ultimate Tensile Strength in diameters up to 75mm. The PROTEK™ Bar System allows for bars to be cut to length as per the design requirements and the use of couplers to join lengths longer than 11.8 metres. The system is completed by load bearing nuts and matching bearing plates


  • Broad range of bar sizes from 25mm up to 75mm diameter.
  • Different bar grades suitable for different applications from 550MPa up to 1,080MPa (ultimate).
  • Hot rolled continuous thread suitable for rigorous environmental conditions.
  • Bar threads allow bar to be cut at any location without compromising thread ability.
  • Exceptional fatigue performance provided by a high-quality threaded bar system.
  • Complete range of accessories support easy and reliable installation.
  • Suitable for temporary and permanent applications.
  • Available is standard lengths of 11.8m and cut to length.
  • Australian Standards AS4672.1 and AS4672.2 compliant.

Protek Bar Ground Anchor

The PROTEK™ Bar System is a versatile solution that can be used in both temporary and permanent ground engineering applications. By combining the system with an appropriate corrosion protection system, it can provide long-lasting and effective support.

Temporary Bar Anchors

Anchors used in a temporary environment (up to 2 years) may be used without protection apart from grout required to the bond length.

Permanent Bar Anchors

These anchors require installation into HDPE sheathing and/or undergo thermal metal spray galvanisation. The grout along with the sheathing and/or thermal metal spray provide a double corrosion protection solution (DCP). The PROTEK™ Bar System is available to be supplied with all the required anchoring accessories:


  • RMS Compliant corrugated sheathing.
  • Internal bar spacers.
  • External sheathing spacers.
  • Grout tube.
  • Denso wrap.
  • Anchor plate with grout hole.