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Concrete Reinforcing Products

With our extensive expertise, SRG Global provides a range of high-quality concrete reinforcing product couplers that offer a superior solution for splicing reinforcement bars (rebars) in reinforced concrete construction.

Engineered products /Concrete Reinforcing Products

We provide an extensive selection of couplers that are meticulously designed to enhance the strength, durability, and overall performance of reinforced concrete structures.

Purpose & Performance

To meet the structural goals of reinforcement, the key lies not in using excessive materials, but rather in selecting the appropriate product and ensuring it is engineered and installed correctly by specialists. At SRG Global, our expertise in engineering construction design and our extensive global experience in iconic structures enable. This enables us to optimise steel usage and streamline the building process. By employing the right product, precise engineering techniques, and drawing on our vast experience, we ensure efficient resource utilisation and the successful completion of construction projects with utmost effectiveness.

  • Increases the structural strength, concrete reinforcing products play a crucial role in reinforcing and strengthening concrete structures.
  • Enhances the load-bearing capacity as these products provide reinforcement to concrete elements such as beams, columns, and slabs, enabling them to bear heavier loads without compromising their stability or safety.
  • Improved crack control and durability which ensures the longevity and durability of the structure by minimising the risk of further damage or structural failure.
  • Efficiency in construction is achieved as these products are easy to install and provide a standardised and reliable method for connecting reinforcement bars.

SRG Global offer the complete range of rebar coupler solutions for any application.

  • Quikrange

    SRG Global supplies reinforcement continuity boxes using pull-out bars, anchors and couplers. The complete range of QuikBoxes, QuikAnkor Boxes and QuikCoupler Boxes are the preferred method of providing for continuous reinforcement across concrete joints.

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  • Shear Stud Rails

    SRG Global offers its proprietary forged double head punching shear rail system (PSR), which provides a valuable and efficient solution for addressing areas of high shear in reinforced concrete structures. The PSR system is particularly beneficial for mitigating punching shear issues commonly encountered around column heads in post-tensioned (PT) slabs. This innovative solution effectively counters…

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