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The complete engineered solution for temporary and permanent movement joints

Engineered products /SureLok & Movement Joints

Purpose & Performance

SRG Global have developed in-house a complete engineered solution to temporary movement joints – SureLokTM. SureLokTM is the result of years of experience, investment, research, development and testing.  It has been developed for the post-tensioning, construction and mining industries.

SureLokTM is revolutionary as it offers a range of safety, cost, design and performance benefits.

To complete the range of Temporary and Permanent Joint connectors, SRG Global has partnered with Schock from Germany to offer a fully AS3600 compliant range of Permanent Movement Shear Connectors.


Movement joints provide multiple benefits in construction:

  • Controls stress from natural factors, preventing cracks and structural damage.
  • Reduces uncontrolled cracking in materials.
  • Preserves structural integrity by allowing flexibility and adjustment.
  • Enhances appearance, particularly in large concrete surfaces.
  • Minimizes maintenance and repair needs, reducing costs and disruptions.
  • Improves functionality and performance of doors, windows, and components.

SRG Global offer the complete range of rebar coupler solutions for any application.

  • Surelok

    SureLok™ is revolutionary as it offers a range of safety, cost, design and performance benefits. It is a world class leader in the industry as it is the first solution that provides bi-directional temporary movement and two-axis load transfer, all within a fully sealed compone. The SureLok™ system comprises two distinct ranges: one for Slab…

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  • Schöck

    The Schock permanent movement shear connectors are the first single shear dowel to obtain European technical approval as a load bearing connector in reinforced concrete and is now available in Australia with SRG Global as its sole distributor. The most reliable solution for transferring vertical loads in expansion joints is to use the Schock range…

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  • Square Dowel Box

    Square dowel boxes allow for longitudinal and lateral movement in concrete slab joints while providing high shear capacity.

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