Specialty Bars


The BBR SDX Bar System combines versatility of application with ease of use and offers a solution for every construction and underground engineering challenge.

The BBR SDX Bar System is a fully threaded hollow bar system comprising of couplers, anchor nuts, bearing plates and adapters as well as a selection of drill bits designed to suit the widest variety of ground conditions. BBR SDX bars can be R- or T-shaped and allow for simultaneous drilling, borehole flushing and grout injection and at the same time function as load bearing tendons. Shorter sections of BBR SDX bars can be joined with couplers which allows for their application in confined or restricted spaces. BBR SDX bars cover ultimate force ranges from 200kN to 3,460kN and can be used for construction, as well as underground applications. The left or right-handed thread is compatible with most common drilling machines and allows for rotary or rotary-percussive drilling. BBR SDX bars are produced as seamless hollow tubes which guarantee the highest quality and reliability even in the most difficult and demanding ground conditions.  In addition, cold rolling technology refines the grain structure of the BBR SDX bars and thereby increases the final yield strength.


  • Bars can be drilled into loose or collapsing soils without casing.
  • Continuous thread allows bars to be cut or coupled at any desired point and thus installed in restricted access or limited clearance conditions.
  • R- and T-threads are compatible with any easily available drilling machines and ensure excellent grout bonding.
  • Drilling bars can be used to flush and grout the borehole.
  • Grouting advances simultaneously with drilling and ensures proper grout distribution along the whole tendon length.
  • Mechanical properties of the system allow for application with compression, tension and altering forces.
  • Rotary or rotary-percussive drilling consolidates the ground around the tendon and increases system efficiency.