SureLok & Movement Joints



The Schöck permanent movement shear connectors are the first single shear dowel to obtain European technical approval as a load bearing connector in reinforced concrete and is now available in Australia with SRG Global as its sole distributor.

Purpose & Performance

The most reliable solution for transferring vertical loads in expansion joints is to use the Schöck range of shear connectors. These dowels connect the elements on each side of the joint without the need for alternative construction methodologies. In doing so, it transfers shear forces while allowing for necessary lateral and longitudinal movement.

Schöck SLDQ

This heavy duty dowel serves the transmission of high shear forces in building joints and with this enables free movement in the longitudinal and transverse direction to the dowel axis. Through the stiff anchoring body it is particularly suited for the connection of thin structural components.

The Schöck Dorn type SLD-Q (heavy duty dowel) consists of a sleeve part and a dowel part, which are concreted into the respective building components adjacent to the joint. The dowel transmits the loads from one structural component through bending in the sleeve and thus into the other structural component. With this, the welded-on stirrups and the front plate ensure an optimum anchoring of the concrete. The sleeve of the Schöck Dorn type SLD-Q has a rectangular tube allowing the round dowel to move in the axial direction and transversely. This enables the transmission of vertical forces in the joint and simultaneous moveability in all horizontal directions. This prevents constraints due to temperature deformation and shrinkage.

Sizes and Dimensions

Schöck Dorn type SLD-Q4050607080120150
Min. component dimensionsmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Slab thickness hmln160160180200240300350
Wall thickness bw200210215250305 + Cnom460 + Cnom540 + Cnom
Beam width bu240240270300360450530
Min. dowel spacingmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Horizontal eh,mln240240270300360450530
Vertical ev,mln120120140160200215235
Min. edge distancemmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Horizontal eR,mln120120135150180225265