Rebar Couplers


SRG Global’s QuikCouplerTM system is a cast in-situ forged steel threaded coupler solution that is commonly used to connect slabs and beams to walls and cores. The system uses Grade 500N ReidBar in a range of diameters.

The couplers can be supplied fully assembled in dimpled galvanised steel boxes with corflute or steel lids also found in QuikAnkorTM boxes. Once cast, the lid is removed, and the reinforcement bars are screwed into place. The pre-assembled tailor made boxes enables a simple, effective and efficient installation. SRG Global can also supply the couplers with nailing plates which allows the system to be used in non-standard applications.

Sizes and Dimensions

Product CodeDescription Length LDiameter
TB12CRTB Coupler 12mm to suit ReidBar Grade 500N9528
TB16CRTB Coupler 16mm to suit ReidBar Grade 500N10536
TB20CRTB Coupler 20mm to suit ReidBar 500N13240
TB25CRTB Coupler 25mm to suit ReidBar 500N18550
TB32CRTB Coupler 32mm to suit ReidBar 500N21560