Mining and Ground Support

SRG Grout Pumps

Air Powered Grout Mixer and Pump

SRG Global’s portable grout mixer is designed for pressure grouting. It is ideally suited to the grouting of cable bolts in open cut mines.


  • The mixer and pump are powered by normal mine compressed air. Inline filters and oilers protect the air motor and pump
  • A multi vane air motor is used to drive the paddle mixer, which is specially designed to provide maximum shear and quick mixing of grout
  • The mixer can easily cope with conventional grout mixes of 0.4 water / cement ratio, and the much thicker mix of 0.3 water / cement ratio required to give a ‘toothpaste’ consistency
  • The mixing bowl is made from heavy gauge Polyurethane to withstand harsh mining conditions
  • With a mounted handle and solid rubber wheels to eliminate punctures, the unit can be readily transported to the job site and worked efficiently in confined space environments
  • Drain and clean out facilities fitted
  • The pump is easily removed to allow thorough cleaning
  • The capacity of the bowl is sufficient for a 8 x 20kg cement bag mix – enough for approximately 35m of grouting in a typical 64mm borehole


The divorced pump has been specially constructed for pumping cementitious grouts. SRG Global has designed the pump to meet the rugged conditions of the mining industry. The divorced pump configuration isolates the motor from the grout during the pumping operation. The divorced set-up also allows easy knockdown for cleaning and maintenance. Poly construction provides good wear resistance from abrasive grout compounds. SRG Global carries a complete range of spare parts for the grout mixer assembly.

Mixer5.5hp air motor heavy duty
reduction gear box
Pump30:1 divorced, delivery continuous
duty 12 litres/min (3gpm)
Air Pressure Range40-180 psi (3-12 bar)
Air Consumption12cfm per gallon of fluid @ 100psi
(6m3 > / hr / litre @ 7 bar)

Air Powered Grout Pump

The air powered grout pump has been developed specifically for pumping cement based grouts. The practical and lightweight design makes it invaluable in underground and open pit situations.


  • Pump can be powered by normal mine compressed air. An inline air filter and oiler should be fitted to protect the air motor
  • Pump is easily maintained by personnel with very little mechanical skills
  • The pump can cope with conventional grout mixes of 0.4 water / cement ratio, and the much thicker mix of 0.3 water / cement ration required to give a ‘toothpaste’ consistency
  • The pumps rugged construction does not allow grout to enter the air motor during operation
  • Spare parts are readily available
Fluid Pressure Ratio30:1
Delivery (Continuous)3gpm (12 L/min)
Delivery (Intermittent)6gpm (25 L/min)
Cycles Per Gallon20
Cycles Per Litre6
Max Recommended Cycles P/Min60
Air Pressure Operating Range40-180 psi (3-12 bar)
Air consumption13 cfm per gallon of fluid at 100 psi

SRG Global Auscon PT80 Grout

SRG Global Auscon PT80 is a high performance, shrinkagecompensated, aluminate free, post-tensioning pre-blended cement grout. It has no sand added, a pre-blended Portland cement base containing carefully selected additives. It is pump-able and has enhanced flow-ability making it ideal for grouting post-tensioned cables, stress bars and ground anchors including, cable bolting, temporary ground anchors, soil nails, permanent ground anchors and other highperformance grouting applications.