Concrete Reinforcing Products

Shear Stud Rails

SRG shear stud rails are installed with-in a flat slab to strengthen the reinforcement around a column and solve the issue of punching shear through engineered design.

Purpose & Performance

SRG Global’s Shear Stud Rails consist of double-headed forged steel studs welded to rails with a minimum yield strength of 500 MPa. These rails play a crucial role in providing punching shear reinforcement for slabs by effectively increasing the transfer area responsible for handling vertical loads and directing them to the column. Strengthening slabs with punching shear reinforcement, such as shear stud rails, is a fast and economical solution for the problem. SRG Global’s range of shear stud rails are bespoke to customer requirements and are manufactured in Australia to comply with Australian Standards.

Shear Stud Rails


  • High slip resistance (load bearing capacity).
  • Static & Dynamic Loads that are also compliant with BS EN 1992-1-1 (Eurocode 2), BS 8110-1and AS 3600-2018.
  • Combination of standard sized units meets the demand.
  • Eliminates column caps.
  • Higher shear capacity than stirrups, which are labour intensive to assemble on site and create heavy congestion of reinforcement.
  • Simple and fast installation on site.
  • Engineered product with accurate punching shear capacity.
  • Studs tested for tensile capacity.
  • Allows for faster floor to floor cycles.
  • Full take-off and scheduling services included.


SRG Global offers four diameters of studs, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, and 24mm. All Studs are hot forged 3 times (3 x d) its diameter and heat treated to  heat treated to achieve a yield strength of 500 MPa. The table below outlines standard Stud Diameter and measurements. The stud height can be tailored to meet specific requirements, and custom sizing for all lengths can be feasibly manufactured.

Sizes and Dimensions

Stud Dia.
Head Dia.
Head ThicknessStud Cross SectionHead Cross SectionCharacteristic Yield Strength