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Rebar Couplers

SRG Global provide reinforcement couplers which offer a more reliable and cost-effective alternative for splicing reinforcement bars (rebars) in reinforced concrete construction than lap splicing.

Engineered products /Rebar Couplers

Rebar couplers provide a reliable and efficient way to join reinforcing bars in concrete construction, resulting in improved structural integrity, faster construction, and reduced material waste and safety risks.

Purpose & Performance

SRG Global provide reinforcement couplers which offer a better alternative for splicing reinforcement bars (rebars) in reinforced concrete construction. The use of couplers eliminates the need for welding and/or lapping of rebars, making a guaranteed connection and reducing rebar congestion in critical areas. The use of couplers reduce overall tonnage of rebar requirement by saving the lap lengths.

SRG Global offers proven world class coupler systems including a bar-break taper thread standard coupler, a precast inter-lock coupler and an in-situ splicing coupler.

  • Increases structural integrity and improves the durability of concrete structures by creating a continuous reinforcement path and reduces the likelihood of corrosion by eliminating the need for lapped and welded joints, which are more prone to corrosion than couplers.
  • Improves construction speed by eliminating lapping and reducing the amount of steel and concrete required.
  • Enhances safety on construction sites by reducing the need to handle heavy reinforcement bars.
  • Offers cost savings by reducing steel and concrete usage, lowering the overall project cost.
  • Contributes to sustainability by reducing waste and improving construction efficiency.

SRG Global offer the complete range of rebar coupler solutions for any application.

  • Bartek BP

    The Bartek BP system combines crimping technology with CNC machined threads which delivers the fastest splicing system with greatest connection reliability and negligible slip (below 0.1mm).

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  • Bartek PTM

    The Bartek PTM system is a metric parallel threaded mechanical splicing system suitable for highly congested areas and low material cost. The system achieves a remote bar break performance.

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  • Lenton

    The nVent Lenton taper-threaded splicing system assures a positive locking connection, providing continuity and structural integrity to reinforced concrete structures. The nVent Lenton system offers ACRS Certification and Transport for NSW Approval.

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  • QuikCoupler

    SRG Global’s QuikCoupler™ system is a cast in-situ forged steel threaded coupler solution that is commonly used to connect slabs and beams to walls and cores. The system uses Grade 500N ReidBar in a range of diameters.

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